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The Kamakshi Group

      Dynamic , Vibrant, Thinking

The Kamakshi group was established in 2008, by Mr. Mukul Gupta with a sole objective of building high-end quality-centric properties in the realty space. At a time when real estate was rampant with quantity, not quality, we promised to be different. In addition to our stamp of quality, we are also synonymous with innovation. We have been constantly innovating at every step of property development.
Our style statements are another first. To offer a unique product to our customers, we have accomplished a perfect blend of Western concepts and Indian sensibilities so that our customers get the ‘best of both worlds’ and we in turn surge ahead as a pioneering institute.

Kamakshi has been setting higher benchmarks in the world of real estate by giving the best to our customers. We build not just impeccable properties for our customers but more importantly a lifelong relationship with them.

This journey of ours has brought along exceeding customer expectations - a name to live up to and a promise of value to customers. And we are determined to deliver not just the promise we started with but raising the bar to a higher level every time because we believe that the only thing constant is change.

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